Maryland STEM Festival Event

Red Arch Solutions is excited to host an event for the 2019 Maryland STEM Festival. Know a student in grades 5-8 who likes STEM and is free October 19? Tell them about Mission Mars! Mission Mars: The Lost Colony The Department of Planetary Colonization has recruited you for a top secret space mission on Mars.… Read More

AWS Lunch & Learn: Securing ATO

Join us for an AWS Tech Talk hosted at Red Arch HQ. Title: I HAVE ATO IN THE CLOUD…NOW HOW DO I SECURE IT? Description: Did you recently migrate a workload to the Cloud, and it was given Authority To Operate (ATO) but you are not entirely sure you are monitoring and alerting on the… Read More

Zombie Eradication: Save the World with Robots

Red Arch is excited to announce we are hosting an event for the 2018 Maryland STEM Festival! Check it out: The future of humanity needs your help! Zombies have come alive and are wreaking havoc around the world. Brilliant scientist Ada Pythagoras Pasteur knows a cure to remove the zombie virus, but hid the ingredients… Read More

Robot Drivers Ed (with Sphero SPRK+)

Red Arch Solutions will host Robot Drivers Ed on Saturday, November 4 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Robot Drivers Ed (with Sphero SPRK+) is an official event of the 2017 Maryland STEM Festival. Robot Drivers Ed will feature hands-on STEM activities using Sphero SPRK+ robotic toys. Sphero SPRK+ is an app-enabled robotic ball that… Read More