Grady Lincalis joined the Red Arch team in May 2012 as a Junior Accountant and has worked his way up to Staff Accountant, Senior Accountant, Assistant Controller, and now Controller.  After 5+ years with Red Arch, his favorite aspect of the company is the employees are all valued team members.

Grady found his career passion early on: “I’ve known I wanted to be an accountant for a long time.  I didn’t go through the indecision of picking a major and career like some people do.  Operating a business from a financial standpoint has always interested me.”  Since Grady has been part of the Red Arch team for the duration of his professional career, he credits his decision to apply to Red Arch as the greatest influence on his career.  He also credits his Dad: “I have to thank my Dad for sending me the job posting.  I was very lucky to find myself with the opportunity presented by Red Arch in my first ‘real’ job.”  Grady received his CPA license in September 2015, which had been a goal of his since he started college: “It was very rewarding to accomplish that goal after years of striving for it.”

On a nice day, you might find Grady at a driving range.  During his Junior and Senior years in high school, he golfed with friends after school and learned a lot about golf from a skilled friend.  In college, much of his time was dedicated to baseball, but after graduation, he became really invested in golf.  Grady really enjoys his time on the range: “I am not very good but I have a group of friends that all play together regularly; I’m happy with just trying to beat them.”  Grady also has an unusual talent.  He’s able to recite the alphabet backwards better than he can forwards!

Grady was recently accepted to the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  He begins their online MBA program this September.

You’re a great part of the team, Grady!